Cat® C32 ACERT™

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San Francisco, CA

This product has mutiple features and a yellow color, and can be used for multiple tasks. Visite maker website for more details and warranty details.
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The 80–89 horsepower (hp) bulldozer is built for general earthmoving and maintenance tasks. Typical applications for the bulldozer include road construction and road maintenance, removing debris from demolition areas, and small-scale maintenance tasks, like clearing construction site debris areas or clearing heavy debris from roads. The vehicle’s dozer blade is designed to assist operators with earthmoving projects involving materials like dirt, soil, gravel, or rubble, and comes with tracks so it can maneuver over unstable or rough outdoor terrain. Ideal for maintenance and construction crews.

  • Dozer blade for handling earth materials
  • 80-89 hp
  • Great for land and site clearing tasks

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